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Full auto stacker | Full electric stacker | Jialift Australia


Model: CL1035GH-S

Max Capacity: 1000kg

Max Lifting height: 3500mm

Brand New, including battery and charger 

$5,899.00 (Price excludes GST & Freight)

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Full Auto Stacker | Full Electric Stacker Straddle Legs

JIALIFT electric  stacker CL10GH-S series offers an attractive appearance, convenient operation, and features.

Model: CL1035GH-S
Operation Type: Walkie stacker 
Mast Type: Duplex Mast (2 Stage)

Load Capacity on Max Height: 500 KG
Load Centre: 600 mm

Warranty: 3 Years 
The colour of the photo may vary from the actual product.

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  • Walk behind operate no licence required
  • Straddle leg design ideal for lifting enclosed pallet
  • Can be used for both open pallet and for Australia standard closed pallet (CHEP)
  • Control panel: Red Stop Bottom, Key Switch and Battery Indicator on the Right .  In-built charger in the middle
  • The in-built charger is single phrase (wall plug) can be easily charged
  • The side-driven design effectively reduces the size of the operation channel.
  • With a small turning radius, this stacker is suitable for narrow spaces.
  • Intelligent control and drive technology, flexible and safe operating
  • Adjustable fork width Easy service and maintenance
  • The steering wheel seat in the middle.
  • Adjustable driving speed switch.
  • The turtle speed switch on the handle makes low-speed control more precise.
  • Germany imported waterproof micro-switches are applied in the cold, damp, dusty and other harsh environments.
  • YONGCI motor drive system is with small size, light weight, low loss and high efficiency.

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