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Jialift Australia proudly offers customers an extensive range of Heli special lift equipment at affordable prices across Melbourne.

The Heli range of explosion-proof battery forklifts includes the AC & H series. Meeting both European and China’s explosion-proof standards and over 30 years of research and product development gives these battery forklifts an advantage in the market.
The AC & H series meets European standard EN1755 and China’s national explosion-proof standard GB19854. Due to their reliability and durability, explosion-proof forklifts are used by some of the world’s leading companies.

Important Considerations For Purchasing Special Lift Equipment

There are many things to consider when purchasing special use lift equipment. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Capacity – The lift equipment must be able to handle the weight of the materials being handled and moved.
  • Ease of Use – The lift equipment must be easy to operate so the workers can move materials quickly and efficiently.
  • Safety – The lift equipment must be designed and installed properly so it is safe for workers and bystanders.

Industries That Use Special Lift Equipment

The industries that use special lift equipment are those involved in manufacturing, handling, processing, or distributing flammable or hazardous materials.
These flammable and hazardous materials may include perfumes, cosmetics, paints, rubber, medicines, and agriculture products such as; hay and grain.

What Is An Explosion-Proof Forklift?

An explosion-proof forklift is designed specifically for use in hazardous and explosive environments. These forklift trucks are unique and considered special lift equipment, as they are built to eliminate any fires or ignition explosions when in use. They can be used in tough environments so that the forklift operators can execute tasks safely.

Benefits Of Explosion-Proof Forklifts

Explosion-proof forklifts are becoming more and more popular. These forklifts are designed to resist explosive events, meaning they can carry heavy loads without fear of damage. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reliability – Unlike traditional forklifts, which can be prone to breaking down in the middle of a job, explosion-proof forklifts are built to last.
  • Safety – Because these vehicles are resistant to explosive events, they’re much safer for workers.
  • Efficiency – Explosion-proof forklifts are designed to move large objects quickly and efficiently, meaning you can get your job done faster.
AC series 1-3.5t explosion-proof battery forklift
H series 2-3.5t explosion-proof diesel forklift
H3 series 1-2.5t

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