Pallet Jacks Product – Manual

JIALIFT are selling Material Handling Equipment included, but not limited to manual pallet truck.

Pallet Truck is the most popular tool to lift and move pallets. Pallet Truck also is the most basic form of a forklift and are intended to move the light or heavy pallets within your warehouse. Jialift provides both hand pallet jack (or manual pallet jack) and electric pallet Truck. A manual pallet jack is used by hand and is normally used for lighter. Electrical pallet jacks run on electricity and can move heavier and multiple pallets. Both tools are capable of easily lifting and transporting heavy, bulky and fragile items to their storage or production stations.

Pallet jacks only lift enough to clear the floor for the following travel and often are only used for smaller tasks and organizational purposes, especially when there is no forklift truck available. Jialift Pallet truck helps you perform your tasks efficiently and safely. As the industry leader, we have solid knowledge and experience have made us one of the most reputable suppliers of pallet jacks in Melbourne.