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Material Lifter Trolley


Trolley Lifter |  Material Lifter Trolley

BD1 is a multi-purpose material lifter trolley, features are shown below:

A variety of accessories for increased ease of installation of air- conditioners, garage doors, retractable awnings, electric heaters and more!
One person easily transportable due to its compact design.
90-degree swing to allow slim, easy access through doorways.
250mm rear wheels for a smooth ride over rough ground.
Adjustable wheelbase from 77cm to 105cm, and locking casters for increased stability.

Model: BD1 Trolle with standard attachment

Price: 2400+GST

Model: BD1 Trolle with Forks

Price: 2400+GST

BD1 Lifter Accessories:

Fork Set:                    $400

Cradle:                        $400

Jib Set:                        $300

$300.00$2,400.00 (Price excludes GST & Freight)

Available on backorder

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Trolley Lifter |  Material Lifter Trolley | Lifter Trolley

Finding cheap material lifting trolley online? Order BD1 Trolley Lifter with standard attachment in Melbourne with no quality compromise from Jialift.

Model: BD1

Max Load Capacity: 180kg

Lifting Height: 303cm

Lowest Mast Height: 116cm

Dimension-Stow: 47x45x116cm

Weight: 60kg

Warranty: 1 Year

The color of the photo may vary from the actual product.


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