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Lifting Trolley

Lifting Trolley Melbourne | Jialift

Looking for a cheap lifting trolley in Melbourne? Jialift Australia provides different kinds of high-quality lifting trolleys.

Australia’s leading and largest aluminum Lifting Trolley supplier.

JIALIFT AUSTRALIA located in Melbourne, and have a wide range of Hand Trolley products. Our hand trolley including platform trolley, lifting trolley and table trolley, as well as functional trolleys such as drum trolley, glass trolley and gas trolley. Hand trolleys are ideal for use at the office, warehouse or along with a truck. They are easy to store, transport and assemble.

Aluminum hand trolleys are the most popular products, they are lightweight and foldable handle enables easy to move and store. Aluminum material made the trolley never rust. Visit all our trolley family products, and find the best moving trolley for your business.


    $1,650.00 (Price excludes GST & Freight)

    Aluminium Lifting Trolley | Jialift Australia

    Model: ML2-Forks Capacity: 150kg Lift Height: 1057mm Platform/Fork Dimensions: 370×320-590mm Trolley Dimensions: 71x50x132cm Package Dimensions: 32x51x134cm Unit Weight: 25k Brand New

    $1,600.00 (Price excludes GST & Freight)

    >Lifting Trolley | Jialift Australia

    Model: ML2-PLATFORM Capacity: 120kg Lift Height: 1026mm Platform/Fork Dimensions: 400x420mm Trolley Dimensions: 71x50x132cm Package Dimensions: 32x51x134cm Unit Weight: 24kg Brand New

    $1,900.00 (Price excludes GST & Freight)

    Gas Trolley | Material Lifter Trolley | Jialift Australia

    Brand: JIALIFT Model: GTL Capacity: 100 kg Lift Height:1200 mm Brand New
  • Material Lifter Trolley BD1

    $300.00$2,400.00 (Price excludes GST & Freight)

    Trolley Lifter |  Material Lifter Trolley

    BD1 is a multi-purpose material lifter trolley, features are shown below: A variety of accessories for increased ease of installation of air- conditioners, garage doors, retractable awnings, electric heaters and more! One person easily transportable due to its compact design. 90-degree swing to allow slim, easy access through doorways. 250mm rear wheels for a smooth ride over rough ground. Adjustable wheelbase from 77cm to 105cm, and locking casters for increased stability. Model: BD1 Trolle with standard attachment Price: 2400+GST Model: BD1 Trolle with Forks Price: 2400+GST BD1 Lifter Accessories: Fork Set:                    $400 Cradle:                        $400 Jib Set:                        $300
  • Material Lifter Trolley BD2

    $2,800.00 (Price excludes GST & Freight)

    Trolley Lifter |  Material Lifter Trolley

    Model: BD2 Max Load Capacity: 180kg Lifting Height: 374 cm Stow Dimension-Stow: 80x55x117cm Weight: 64.3kg  


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