SKU SL20L3E/685


Model: SL20L3E/685

Maximum Capacity: 2000KG

External Fork Width: 685mm

Internal Fork Width: 365mm

Fork Length: 1150mm

Maximum Fork Height: 200mm

Minimum Fork Height: 85mm

Wheel Type: Polyurethane

Battery Type: Lithium

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The Jialift Full Electric Pallet Truck – Lithium Ion Battery SL20L3E/685 is a leader in material handling equipment, with a 2 tons load capacity and a maintenance-free lithium battery.

The SL20L3E/685 pallet truck is helpful for loads on a large truck to move heavier pallets or items around, rather than a standard manual pallet truck. A lithium-ion battery ensures fast charging and efficient battery life, which is essential for all industries and businesses.


SL20L3E/685 Pallet Jack Specifications

With its power moving and lifting ease, the SL20L3E/685 is the best option for moving heavy loads than a manual pallet jack. Fully loaded with a 2000kg capacity, 1150 mm fork length and 685 mm fork outside width, this electric pallet truck can travel at speeds up to 4.2 km/h.

With an overall unit weight of 146kg, it allows operators to lift heavier loads & move more products at once, reducing the number of trips and time. It also features additional suspension, ensuring the highest stability and extended service life.

With a robust steel chassis, reinforced forks and a compact design, it is perfect for a wide variety of use in tighter spaces with a low turning radius. This pallet truck model is the most popular choice for business owners and transportation and logistics drivers, with its power moving and lifting ability.

Lithium Battery Pallet Jack

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the electric lift on the pallet jack means a heavy load doesn’t have to be manually pumped up like on a standard manual pallet jack.

With a removable lithium-ion battery system, it is simple and convenient to disassemble and replace the battery. Battery changeovers can be completed with minimal fuss by simply removing the flat battery and replacing it with a fully charged one.

With a small, lightweight, portable lithium battery, you can charge the battery anywhere, including standard residential wall sockets.

Which Industries Would Use An SL20L3E/685 Pallet Jack?

The full electric pallet jacks are a type of pallet jack powered by a lithium-ion battery rather than hydraulics; this can be extremely beneficial in a noise-sensitive environment. They are used in various industries, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores

A ‘Greener’ Option

Lithium-ion battery-powered pallet trucks are considered a ‘greener’ option; as they don’t contain lead or acid and produce zero emissions. Lithium-ion technology is also more energy efficient, so you will use less energy and reduce your CO2 emissions. As these batteries last longer, you will use fewer batteries than a manual pallet jack.

The electric pallet jack also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving purchasers peace of mind.

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