Bottle Water Attachment

SKU Bottle Water Attachment

Bottle watch attachment is with special fixing structure, designed for carrying a maximum of 6 buckets or barrels, suits multiple XSTO models.

Bottle watch attachment is designed for handling barrel goods. It is foldable design, after unfolding, it can provide specific fixed position for every barrel goods, prevent goods from rolling, ensure safety and stability in transportation. Bucket Device can be used for various barrel goods for handling, such as water bucket, paint barrel, and so on.


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Applicable to multiple xsto models, such as ZW7170G, ZW7170E, ZW4170D, ZW7200G.


  • Net Weight: 5.9KG / 11KG
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy / Steel
  • The Number of Barrels At A Time: 6
  • Combination Method With Stair Climber: Bolt
  • Barrel Diameter: 27mm±5mm

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