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Cylinder attachment is aluminum alloy structure, adjustable diameter with arc support, specially designed for carrying cylinders.

Cylinder attachment is designed for cylinder cargo, it can be fixed easily on the stair climber to transport. The structure of cylinder attachment take surface which can automatically change angle according to different diameter of cylinder cargo. The material of cylinder attachment is aluminium alloy and stainless steel, so it have the advantage of lightweight, novel and beautiful, convenient, high strength, foldable, easy to operation and so on. It can be used for lots kinds of cylinder cargo.


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Applicable to multiple XSTO models, such as ZW7170G/E, ZW4170D, ZW7200G, CT070.

  • Handle: Rotating operation, fold-able, adjusting angle and height
  • Run Button: Point touch operation button, easy to operate, ensure the safety
  • Battery: Fast plug design, power on automatically, independent switch, display battery capacity and voltage
  • Fast / Slow Button: Change the speed
  • Upstairs/Downstairs Button: Choose the upstairs/downstairs mode
  • Cover: Seal off the total execution body, IP54 waterproof and dust-proof
  • Support Wheel: High Abrasive and anti-slip support wheels with polyurethane material
  • Loading Board: Hanging any angle, fold-able, space saving


  • Net Weight: 1KG
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy + Steel
  • Combination Method With Stair Climber: Bolt
  • Cylinder Diameter: 50mm-500mm
  • Number of Cylinder At A Time: 1
  • Size: 390*125*90 mm

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