Looking for a reliable electric stair climbing hand trolley to make heavy loads easier and increase the efficiency in your warehouse or business? Or are you simply looking for a stair climber to help you transport heavy loads and furniture upstairs during a move?

Jialift Australia proudly offers customers an extensive range of electric stair climbing trolleys and material handling equipment at the lowest prices across Melbourne.

The Electric Stair Climbing Trolley CT250 is part of a revolution in the materials handling industry, with a new design that differs from the traditional stair climber. This model can be used in both commercial and non-commercial settings.

New Design Features

Included in the new design are many smart functions, such as:

  • As the stair climber is semi-automatic, with an intelligent loading board that can automatically adjust the tilt angle on stairs. When carrying heavier loads the intelligent loading board will pinpoint the load’s centre of gravity and adjust the title angle on the plate to keep the cargo in balance.
  • Robust machine made of high-strength durable carbon steel.
  • The stair-climbing trolley is easily foldable, making it easy to transport in a smaller vehicle. Its compact design makes it easy to store when not in use.
  • The crawler tracks on the stair trolley are non-slipping & non-marking, leaving no damage to the underneath surface and ensuring the non-slip track doesn’t easily fall down.
  • The robust design allows for easy movement on both flat surfaces and stairs.
  • It also features a one-touch finger control to allow operators an easy switch to different working modes.
  • It features a small and lightweight battery, which can be charged everywhere, including residential wall sockets.

Lithium-Ion Battery Powered

The electric stair climber is powered by a lightweight portable plug-and-play rechargeable lithium battery.The Jialift Lithium Battery Electric Stair Climbing Trolley also features an innovative removable lithium-ion battery system. This means battery changeovers can be completed with minimal fuss by simply removing the flat battery and replacing it with a fully charged one.

Lithium-ion batteries ensure efficient battery life and fast charging; providing customers with a reliable solution.

What types of items can the stair trolley be used for?

With an overall unit weight of 59.5kg, it provides operators with a 250-350kg max loading capacity. Perfect for many moving many heavy items and products such as:

  • Percussion instruments
  • Large home appliances (i.e fridges, washing machines)
  • Office Equipment
  • Vending Machines
  • Safety Box
  • Oil Drums
  • Furniture

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