G2 series 2-3.5t lithium battery counterbalanced forklift

Brand: HELI

Model: CPD25-GB6LI-S

Max Load Capacity: 2500 kg

Max Lift Height:  4800 mm

Side Shifter, Suspension Seat, 3-stage Mast, ops 1070mm Forks, Solid Tire.

Brand New


$136.15 Inc GST

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Heli 2.5T Lithium-Ion Battery Forklift

Looking for a reliable electric forklift that has high performance to increase the efficiency in your warehouse or business?

Jialift Australia proudly offers customers the Heli 2.5 electric lithium-ion battery forklift at the lowest prices across Melbourne.

G2 series 2-3.5t lithium battery counterbalanced forklift is becoming an increasingly popular choice over a forklift with a traditional lead-acid battery due to its longer operational life, safety, and environmental features.

Brand New Design

Fully loaded with a 2000-3500 kg load capacity, the G2 series 2-3.5t has an average driving speed of 19-20 km per hour.
This forklift has been tested in a short 15-minute 5000L rainstorm test and was found to run continuously without any faults. The forklift can withstand 200mm for 10 minutes and operate in cold storage environments of -20℃ for 6 hours even being parked in cold storage for 12 hours. After both instances, the forklift was then able to run trouble-free and without any faults.

The armrest with horn switch after reversing makes driving safer and with inspection points on the lithium battery above the counterweight, makes for easy maintenance and inspection on the forklifts. With colour instrument screens, Chinese and English language changes, battery level displays and three configurations of S/M/H can be selected when required – there are many functions to make for easier day-to-day operation.

Smart & Safe For All Operators

The G2 series 2-3.5t lithium battery counterbalanced forklift features a curve deceleration steering function, which reduces the risk of the machine turning over, and features a PES three-gear speed mode so the forklift operator can select the appropriate speed mode for the specific working conditions; ensuring operational efficiency. The armrest also features a horn switch once reversing to make driving safer for the operator.

The steering is also started by the steering wheel, which means the correct amount of fuel required by the forklift, according to the speed. Featuring an integrated cast drive axle and reinforced cast steering axle with a mast optimised for force design, the forklift guarantees operational safety both for the operator and your business.

Lithium-Ion Battery Powered

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the electric Hel 2.5T Lithium-Ion Battery Forklift has a longer charge life than lead-acid batteries. With traditional lead-acid batteries often forklift operators would have to stop and replace the battery entirely with a fully charged one, whereas lithium-ion technology can be opportunity charged to generate enough battery power for the G2 series 2-3.5t lithium battery counterbalanced forklift to finish the rest of a shift.

Li-ion batteries have longer battery life and charge cycle, lasting between two to four times longer than a lead-acid forklift battery. They are also extremely cost-saving as they don’t need to be maintained or watered the same way.

The lithium battery is automatically heated at low temperature and has excellent low-temperature adaptability, with the ability to be fully charged in 2 hours and overall charging efficiency up to 98%.

Zero Emissions – The Greener Forklift Option

Lithium-ion battery-powered forklifts are considered a ‘greener’ option; as they don’t contain lead, or acid and produce zero emissions during operation. Lithium-ion technology is also more efficient meaning you will be using a considerable amount of less energy, therefore reducing CO2 emissions in your business. As these forklift batteries last longer you will be using fewer batteries than that of a traditional forklift. During use, there is also less noise emission produced.

Heli 2.5T Lithium-Ion Battery Forklift Warranty

The Heli 2.5T Lithium-Ion Battery Forklift also comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving purchasers peace of mind.

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