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Model: HSA1016

Max Capacity: 1000 kg

Max Lifting Height: 1600 mm

Fork Length: 1150 mm

Fork Width: 740mm

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$1,320.00 Inc GST

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Manual Forklift HSA1016

Jialift Australia proudly offers customers an extensive range of manual forklifts and material handling equipment at affordable prices across Melbourne.

The HSA1016 manual forklift is a manual pallet stacker that can improve workplace efficiency and help businesses transport heavy materials easier and more safely. Manual forklifts have many benefits for businesses with special designs to meet your business’s exact requirements.

What Are Manual Forklifts?

A manual forklift is a type of forklift powered by the operator rather than by an engine, which makes them more versatile. They can be used in a range of settings, including in places where an engine-powered forklift would not be able to operate. Manual forklifts are also more affordable than other electric engine-powered forklifts.

Manual Forklift Specifications

The Jialift Manual Forklift HSA1016 has been designed to assist with material handling, loading and unloading loads up to 1 ton. With a lightweight and compact structure, it has a simple operation.

This manual pallet stacker has a standard leg model which can only be used for open pallets (Not Australian open CHEP pallets), however the width of the forks can be adjusted to suit smaller pallets such as European open pallets. With a maximum load capacity of 1000kg, 740mm fork width and 1150mm fork length, this manual forklift has a walk-behind manual push and hydraulic lift via a handle or foot pedal.

What Industries Use A Manual Forklift?

Many industries use manual forklifts. Each of these industries requires lifting heavy objects, and manual stacker lifters can do this job safely and efficiently. Some of these industries include:


Manual forklifts are often used on construction sites to move heavy materials like timber and concrete blocks, especially when outdoors and there is not any access to electrical power.


Farmers use manual forklifts to move hay bales and other equipment around the farm. Manual forklifts are preferable to farmers as they work outside and do not require access to an electrical power supply, nor do they need charging.


Retail businesses rely on manual forklifts to move large quantities of merchandise and stock around their facilities quickly and efficiently. Without manual forklifts, retail businesses would struggle to keep up with customer demand.

Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing businesses may consider a manual forklift as they are more compact and can maneuver in tight spaces easier. They are also more affordable than electric forklifts.


Benefits Of Choosing A Manual Forklift Over An Electric Forklift

There are various benefits of choosing a manual forklift over an electric one in your workplace.

  • Manual forklifts are typically less expensive and more versatile than electric ones.
  • Manual stackers can be used indoors or outdoors, and in tight spaces where electric forklifts would be impractical.
  • Manual forklifts are also easier to maintain than electric ones. Manual forklifts do not have any batteries or other moving parts that need to be regularly maintained. There are also no complex parts or electronic components that can break down. With regular servicing, a manual forklift will last for many years.
  • Manual forklifts are also affordable for business owners making them a great option for businesses on a budget.
  • Overall manual forklifts are a more economical and practical choice for many workplaces – they are versatile, easy to use and maintain, and can save your business money in the long run.

Jialift’s Manual Forklift Warranty

The Jialift Manual Forklift also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, giving purchasers peace of mind.

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