Stair Climber

Climber trolleys can be an innovative way to transport heavy goods up and down stairs easily. Their unique design allows for both controlled ascent and descent of goods, making them a great choice for those looking for a quick, simple solution to transporting products and equipment.

With its easy-to-use controls, our stair climbers can be operated safely, allowing businesses and individuals to move their products around with ease and minimal effort. So if you are looking for an efficient climber trolley solution, browse our range of climber trolleys – you won’t regret it!

What Is A Stair Climber And How Do They Work?

Known also as a climber trolley, a stair climber is a device that helps move heavy objects up and down stairs. It typically has two sets of wheels, with larger front wheels to distribute weight evenly for easier climbing, with the electric having a crawler for ease of use. The adjustable handle allows for comfortable use by various people, and some models have a second handle for steadying the load.

To use one, place the object you have on the platform, grip the handles securely and tilt forwards when you reach each step before lowering it to continue.

The Difference Between Manual And Electric Stair Climbers

There are two main types of stair climbers available on the market, manual and electric. Both have their own specific set of benefits that make them ideal for different situations. Here is a quick rundown of the key differences between manual and electric climber trolleys:

  • Manual Climber Trolleys

    • Cheaper than electric
    • Don’t require an additional power source
    • Ideal for those on a budget
    • Do require physical effort
    • Are not recommended for people with limited mobility
  • Electric Climber Trolleys

    • Faster and more convenient
    • Recommended if large or heavy objects are moved often
    • Easier to operate
    • Has built-in brakes – safer than manual models

What Industries Would Benefit From A Stair Climber?

Many different types of businesses and industries could benefit from using a climber trolley. Some examples include:

  • Healthcare or other medical facilities: Aids in widening accessibility for everyone by helping to transport patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • Office buildings: Helps in the moving of materials between different levels of an office, especially with an absence of lift access.
  • Hospitality industry: Makes work easier, and safer, for the staff, with moving luggage up and down to various rooms.
  • Retail: Aids in productivity and enhancing customer service by allowing staff to move products about the shop floor.
  • Office buildings: Helps in moving a lot of files and potential office furniture around.
  • Education: Allows staff to move furniture and other necessities around campus safely and smoothly..
  • Public transportation: Allows staff to move objects quickly and smoothly about the station complexes without hindering passengers.

What Attachments Can Be Added To Them?

Jialift has a few different types of attachments that can be added to or used in conjunction with a climber trolley. These include:

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