Purchase a Second-Hand Forklift Now

To learn more about our current stock levels of used forklifts and second-hand lifting machinery contact Jialift today. Our team will be able to answer all your questions and assist you with your specific forklift requirements to find the right machine for you.

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Why Buy Second-Hand?

We are often asked, why purchase a used forklift over purchasing a brand new model?

Some of the top benefits of purchasing a second-hand forklift include:

Cost-Effective A second-hand machine will save you more in upfront costs, with used forklifts being considerably cheaper. You can still purchase a reliable machine without breaking the bank. We have a huge range of models at competitive prices.

Extensive Range of Models Jialift offers a wide range of used forklifts for sale to perfectly suit your business’s unique needs.

Shorter Delivery Times Often the delivery time for a new forklift can be long, so if you are looking for a machine straight away second-hand forklifts will be able to be delivered quickly.

Easier to Service and Maintain When deciding to purchase a used machine from a reputable dealer like Jialift, you will have the added comfort of knowing it has been tested and adheres to Australian quality and safety standards.