The steering oil tube and wire harness are

arranged independently

Product Feature

  • High Reliability

    Maintenance-free integrated axle which is mature and has been tested by market is used on the truck.

    Oil-cooled wet disc type brake is free from maintenance.

    Maintenance-free AC motors are used for driving and pump motors

    World famous controller is used.

    Large smart instrument can monitor the truck state overally and it is safe and reliable.

    High Safety

    Tail-free structure reduces the center of gravity and improves lateral stability.

    High strength and integrated type welded overhead guard improves safety.

    Side-pulling battery changing way is standard configuration and improves battery changing efficiency

    Middle-positioned battery reduces the center of gravity and improves stability.

    High positioned rotation point of rear axle improves lateral stability of the truck.

    Automatic deceleration when steering improves working safety.

    Mast lifting buffering improves operation safety.

    More Energy Saving

    LED lights are more energy saving.

    Independent steering system is energy saving and high efficiency.

    Special types for electric trucks are adopted and make travelling more energy saving.

    Steering unit with super low torque is more energy saving.

    Improved man-machine comfort

    Mast lifting and falling buffering makes operation safe and comfortable.

    The truck has lower pedal height and larger egress and ingress space.

    Standard configuration of steering active by steering wheel reduces steering process.

    Suspension seat and wide view mast improve driving experience.

    Optimal battery layout and design of counterbalance improve the rear view.

    Lower layout of tilting cylinder improves the space for legs.

    Easy Maintenance

    The controller is inside of the balance weight and it is easy for maintenance.

    Removable oil tank and floor board make maintenance easier

The main parameter

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