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Welcome to our comprehensive ‘Battery Forklifts’ category, where innovation meets efficiency. If you’re in search of high-performance material handling solutions, our curated collection of electric forklifts is the answer. Unleash the potential of cutting-edge technology and sustainable operations with our top-of-the-line electric forklifts. Discover the power of electric forklifts with our premium selection in the ‘Battery Forklifts’ category. Browse our range of efficient electric forklifts designed to enhance productivity and sustainability in your operations. 

H4 1.5-3.8T Lithium & Lead Acid Electric Forklift

  • 1,500KG – 3,800KG
  • Up To 7,000MM
  • 1,920MM – 2,270MM
  • 1,500KG – 3,800KG Capacity
  • Outdoor Use
  • Powerful Performance, High Efficiency

G2 1.5-3.8T Lithium Electric Forklift

  • 1,500KG – 3,800KG
  • Up To 7,500MM
  • 1,860MM – 2,250MM

  • 1,500KG – 3,800KG Capacity

  • Outdoor Use
  • Strong Performance, Comprehensive Protection

G2 1.3-1.5T Three wheel lithium Electric Forklift

  • 1,300KG – 1,500KG
  • Up To 6,000MM
  • 1,470MM
  • 1,300KG – 1,500KG Capacity
  • Outdoor Use
  • Super Long Endurance, Optimised Design, Easy Use

G3 1.5-2T Three Wheel lithium Electric Forklift

  • 1,500KG – 2,000KG
  • Up To 6,500MM
  • 1,545MM – 1,675MM
  • 1,500KG – 2,000KG Capacity
  • Outdoor Use
  • More Flexible, Security Protection, Reliable Quality

K2 3.0-3.8T Lithium Electric Forklift

  • 3,000KG – 3,800KG

  • Up To 6,000MM
  • 2,400MM
  • 3,000KG – 3,800KG Capacity
  • Outdoor Use
  • Powerful and Efficient, Reliable Quality, Safer Design

G2 4-5T lithium Electric Forklift

  • 4,000KG – 5,000KG
  • Up To 7,000MM
  • 2,850MM – 2,930MM
  • 4,000KG – 5,000KG Capacity
  • Outdoor Use
  • Intelligent and Comfortable, Stable and Reliable

G3 6-7T Lithium Electric Forklift

  • 6,000KG – 7,000KG
  • Up To 7,000MM

  • 3,050MM
  • 6,000KG – 7,000KG Capacity
  • Outdoor Use
  • Safe, Stable, Convenient, Easy Maintenance

Why Choose Electric Forklifts?

Electric forklifts have emerged as the preferred choice for businesses seeking operational optimization while prioritizing environmental sustainability. One of their standout features is their commitment to a cleaner and greener workspace. These forklifts boast zero emissions during operation, not only contributing positively to the environment but also significantly enhancing indoor air quality.

In addition to their eco-friendly profile, electric forklifts bring about considerable cost advantages. Their lower maintenance requirements, coupled with energy-efficient operation, translate into reduced operating costs over time. This not only aligns with budget considerations but also ensures long-term savings without compromising performance.

Furthermore, the quiet operation of electric forklifts makes them particularly well-suited for noise-sensitive environments. This characteristic enhances workplace comfort and minimizes disruptions, creating a more conducive atmosphere for both employees and operations.

The precision and control offered by electric forklifts are another key advantage. With the ability to maneuver precisely and smoothly, these forklifts excel in navigating tight spaces. This makes them an ideal choice for tasks that demand precision and careful handling, further solidifying their versatility and appeal across various industries. In essence, electric forklifts embody a holistic solution, seamlessly integrating efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness into the realm of material handling.