The steering oil tube and wire harness are

arranged independently

Product Feature

  • Ergonomics

    Vibration isolators separate the operator compartment from the main frame and the engine/transmission which absorb the truck’s vibration for increased operator comfort.

    Engine performance and repositioning hydraulic pump offer quieter and smoother operation and less noise.

    Improved hydraulic control functions also reduce noise and increase performance.

    Operator Comfort – Visibility

    Operator compartment has been enhanced by creating more foot and leg room with plenty of head room under the overhead guard.

    Visibility has been improved with narrower mast channels and more open overhead guard.

    Higher contrast LED display makes it easier to see in all lighting conditions.

    Comfortable suspension seat is standard with full adjustment for different operators.

    Low, wide step and grab handle make for easy entry to operator’s compartment.

    Controls and park brake are within easy reach to reduce operator strain.

    Increased Productivity

    Smaller turning radius and hydraulic power steering makes for tighter tums and easier steering operation.

    Reliable powershift transmission relieves operator from constantly shifting transmission.

    H3C series hydraulic performance has been enhanced for maximum productivity.

    Ergonomically designed operator’s compartment enhances.

    operator productivity, as well as providing safety and comfort.

    lmproved Performance

    All aluminum radiator increases air flow and dissipates heat more efficiently.

    Smaller steering wheel with fewer turns lock-to-lock for quicker turns 35% faster lifting speeds over previous generations.

    Lifting cylinders are damped to reduce noise and provide smoother operation.

    Heavy duty powertrain offers exceptional performance in all applications.


    Hood opens to an 80 degree angle and floor board is removable for easier access to all important chassis components.

    Electrical system, wiring, and hydraulic hoses are convenient and logically laid out with access from above and below.

    All grease points are accessible, including cast steel axle.

    Lubrication chart is located on front of operator compartment to highlight essential lubrication requirements.


    All Heli forklifts for North America meet ANSI B56.1 Safety.

    Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks as well as meeting requirements for CE approval.

    All Heli forklifts come standard with Operator Presence System.

    Optional rear grab handle and horn button allows operator to safely drive in reverse.

    Strobes, Beacons or Blue Lights and Alarms are all available.

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