Pallet Jacks

Replace handloading in short transport, delivery, order picking, storage for warehouse management, transport logistics and dock work. We have full electric, semi-electric and manual power ones.



Semi Electric Walkie Stackers

Power lifting and manual moving for frequent stacking while infrequent and short distance mobile delivery purpose on even floor. We have Standard-Legs (CL-J series) for open pallets and Straddle-Legs (CL-GHS series) for Australian Standard Close Pallet (CHEP).

Standard Legs

Straddle Legs

Full Electric Walkie Stackers

Power lifting and moving for more frequent stacking and mobile delivery purpose on even floor. We have Standard-Legs (CL-J series) for open pallets and Straddle-Legs (CL-GHS series) for Australian Standard Close Pallet (CHEP).

Electric Stacker

Standard Legs

Straddle Legs

Counterbalanced & Reach Walkie Stackers

Pedestrian operated forklifts, no license inquired. Walk behind easier to use. Legless design requires less space to operate and get closer to racks, flexible in tinny working area. Reach functions can manage products deep in the shelf, maximize the use of your storage space. Comply with the latest Australian forklift WorkSafe policy, platform are excluded.

Counterbalanced Stackers

Reach Stackers

Counterbalance/Reach Forklifts

Upgrade level of the stackers for heavier capacity, higher lifting height and longer moving distance under a certain slope. More powerful with designed functions for larger warehouse storage, loading/unloading for transportation and other bulk lifting and moving tasks. License and more operating space are required.

Electric Forklifts

Reach Forklifts

IC Forklifts

Forklift Attachment

JIALIFT has various choice of forklifts attachment from overseas factory and local suppliers to achieve your work purpose. Such as: sideshifter, fork positioner, paper clamps, multiple pallet handler, fork extensions, rotators, etc.

Forklift Attachment

Scissor Lift Table

Multiple uses such as lifting and lowering materials, level compensation when fitting machines, installations in the conveyor system, use as work bench or transmission platform, etc. Manual or power lifting, movable or stationery, heigh- lift or low-profile with different table dimensions, unique shape, lifting height and load capacity are available.

Manual Lift Table

Electric Lift Table

Manual Equipment

High quality collapsible trolleys, manual stackers, furniture mover, toe jacks, winch lift or duct lift, portable lifters, safety cages, container ramps, rapping machines and other material handling solutions. Popular for load/unloading item from trucks or van, carry and move house, transport and lift material, air conditioning installation or glass installation for construction, manufactural, transportation, retail industry, wholesale supplier and farm.



Other Accessories

Wrapping Solution

Stair Climber

Professional Stair Climbing Dolly Manufacturer, Specialized In R&D Of Stair Climber For Cargo and People. We offer a broad line-up of products for logistics workers, so they can work in an easy way with electric stair climbing hand truck. We have different types to suit your demand and fit your budget. From the classic powered hand truck to heavy load stair climbers. Get a powered stair climber to get upstairs and downstairs safely.

Stair Climber