MIMA Three way


Diesel Engine Forklift

1,000KG – 1,600KG Capacity

Lifts Up To 14,200MM*

Turning Radius 1,850MM – 2,235MM

Powerful Performance, High Efficiency

Smart and Safe, Ease in All Aspects

Optimised Ergonomic Design, Better Driving Comfort

MF Series

The MF series is a stand-on type reach truck with a load capacity range of 2-3T. The gantry can be moved forward or retracted as a whole. It also has a small body and turning radius for higher efficiency. This makes the machine perfect for narrow aisles.

MC Series 1.2-1.6T 3-way pallet stacker (Stand-on Driving type)

3-way stacking function: forks can rotate 180° and do left-right side shift without body turning.

The 3-way pallet stacker is the first choice of intensive storage, which is mainly used in logistics, medicine, food and low-temperature cold storage.

● Stacking in ultra-narrow roadways and high shelf design;

● Horizontal handling;

● Load/unload cargos.

VNA Forklift | 3-Way Electric Pallet Stacker

Main Features

1.3-way pallet stacker forks can rotate 180°and do left-right side shift without body turning, with high strength mast design. Min. net channel: 1500mm; Max. lifting height: 9000m. The 3-way pallet stacker can improve space utlization and increase the storage capacity.

2.Advanced Curtis controller and more stable, safer whole-AC system for high efficency, energy conservation and environmental protection.

3.Maintenance-free whole-AC driving system for quick and accurate reaction. Maintenance-free motor, with long service life and low noise and low maintenance cost.

4.Standard electric power steering is safe and reliable, with easy and comfortable operation.

5.Large section mast structure design to ensure the rigidity of mast and improve loading performances, which is very suitable to high shelf storage.

6.Imported hydraulic parts for stable and reliable hydraulic system.

7.Side pull type battery for convenient charging and maintenance.




●Regenerative braking, mechanical disc braking, double braking, safe and reliable three sets of braking system;

●Rotation, side shift interlock function, avoid the wrong operation in the roadway, ensure the safety of the driver operation;

●The lifting system with descending buffer and lifting electronic limit ,which can offer good buffering when goods descended the lowest and rised the highest ,to make sure smooth and safe operation.

●High definition wireless video system ensures driver’s vision during high stacking, improves work efficiency and safe operation.

Easy to operate, flexible and comfortable

●Standard electronic power steering, light operation, smaller turning radius and narrow body width, flexible and convenient operation;

●Forks can be 180 ° rotation and left and right side shift, which is convenient to handle and stack by three-way forks , improve efficiency;

●With body stability system of rear floating bridge design, improve the stability of high position stacking, comfortable and stable of driving.

High automatic

●Optional magnetic guide function cancels the installation and construction of warehouse and shelf bottom guide rail, greatly reduce the cost of warehouse construction and shorten the construction period. With automatic orbit entry function, automatically corrects the driving directions in roadway instead of manual operation of steering wheel, reducing the labor intensity of driver and improving the labor efficiency. The safety protection for derailment and direction deviation ensures safe driving in roadway;

●Optional height pre-selection function, which can set the lifting height in advance, to achieve semi-automatic stacking operation, greatly reduce the labor intensity of drivers, improve labor efficiency;

●Optional all kinds of safety protection functions, such as lifting and walking safety protection of basic position of forks, safety protection of entry and exit roadway, speed limit of high position carrying and so on.


MiMA three-way pallet stacker series, the fork can
move left and right and rotate 180 °. When stacking
in the working aisle, the vehicle does not need to
turn, and the operation is simple and convenient.
Fork-picking of goods is efficient and stable, and the operation is more convenient and flexible, greatly improving the utilization rate of the warehouse and
the working efficiency.

High voltage& low current Maintenance free, more comfortable

High-strength mast structure makes strong load capacity at higher lift heights

Mechanical guide rail mode

Beams are installed at the bottom of the racks, and guide rails are installed on the ground. The vehicle travels along the rails,driving more efficiently and safety.

Magnetic or wire navigation modes

Save the cost of the bottom beams of the racks, the goods can be placed directly on the ground. No need to install ground guide rails, avoid ground construction, and reduce warehouse construction costs!

Magnetic stripe navigation/Wire navigation


Operating Cost Comparison

Lithium battery forklift vs. Lead-acid battery forklift vs. IC forklift

WoodEvo has opted for Heli Forklifts as their preferred choice due to the remarkable combination of reliability, efficiency, and innovation that these forklifts offer. Heli Forklifts are renowned for their robust design, ensuring durability and longevity in demanding industrial environments, such as those encountered in the wood processing industry. Additionally, the advanced technology integrated into Heli Forklifts enhances operational performance, providing WoodEvo with the precision and productivity needed to streamline their material handling processes. The ergonomic design of Heli Forklifts also promotes operator comfort and safety, contributing to a more efficient and secure working environment. Overall, the decision to choose Heli Forklifts reflects WoodEvo’s commitment to quality, performance, and the seamless integration of cutting-edge equipment into their operations.

Brilliant Logistics International is delighted to utilize Heli Forklifts as a pivotal component of their operations due to the exceptional reliability and efficiency offered by these forklifts. Heli Forklifts have consistently demonstrated a robust performance in material handling, ensuring seamless and timely logistics operations for Brilliant Logistics. The advanced engineering and cutting-edge technology integrated into Heli Forklifts contribute to heightened productivity and precision, aligning perfectly with Brilliant Logistics International’s commitment to delivering top-notch services. The ergonomic design of the forklifts enhances operator comfort and safety, fostering a positive working environment. With Heli Forklifts, Brilliant Logistics International not only ensures the smooth flow of their supply chain but also underscores their dedication to quality and innovation in the logistics industry.

Future Recycling expresses satisfaction with Jialift’s ability to source custom forklift attachment solutions, attributing their happiness to the tailored approach that Jialift employs to elevate their business. Jialift’s commitment to providing specialized forklift attachments aligns seamlessly with Future Recycling’s unique needs in the recycling industry. The versatility and adaptability of these customized solutions have proven instrumental in optimizing material handling processes, enhancing efficiency, and ultimately lifting the overall productivity of Future Recycling. The collaborative effort between Future Recycling and Jialift reflects a strategic partnership that recognizes the importance of innovation and personalized solutions in meeting the specific challenges of the recycling business.

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MIMA Three Way Narrow Aisle Forklift Truck

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