MIMA Articulated MJ20


Diesel Engine Forklift

2,000KG Capacity

Lifts Up To 12,500MM*

Turning Radius 2,200MM

Powerful Performance, High Efficiency

Smart and Safe, Ease in All Aspects

Optimised Ergonomic Design, Better Driving Comfort

MF Series

The MF series is a stand-on type reach truck with a load capacity range of 2-3T. The gantry can be moved forward or retracted as a whole. It also has a small body and turning radius for higher efficiency. This makes the machine perfect for narrow aisles.


The forklift is equipped with front and rear solid rubber tires, which can adapt to various indoor and outdoor ground conditions. The high chassis design has excellent trafficability. Besides, the forklift adopts a high-power AC drive motor with a better climbing perfor­mance.

The articulated forklift is equipped with super high-power AC drive motor to provide sufficient power;
The max driving speed with full load can reach 12km/h, and the max driving speed with no load can reach 13km/h

Reliable special meter displays the whole truck’s working condition, fault detect and other important information compl etely which makes the operator master the whole truck condition directly and conveniently. *:Some model options.

Large steeringangleaxIe isequlppedto get smaller turmngradius.

standard cupseat. Option USB connector

Removable triangular side cover

Two-stages opening cabin door (optional)

Operating Cost Comparison

Lithium battery forklift vs. Lead-acid battery forklift vs. IC forklift

WoodEvo has opted for Heli Forklifts as their preferred choice due to the remarkable combination of reliability, efficiency, and innovation that these forklifts offer. Heli Forklifts are renowned for their robust design, ensuring durability and longevity in demanding industrial environments, such as those encountered in the wood processing industry. Additionally, the advanced technology integrated into Heli Forklifts enhances operational performance, providing WoodEvo with the precision and productivity needed to streamline their material handling processes. The ergonomic design of Heli Forklifts also promotes operator comfort and safety, contributing to a more efficient and secure working environment. Overall, the decision to choose Heli Forklifts reflects WoodEvo’s commitment to quality, performance, and the seamless integration of cutting-edge equipment into their operations.

Brilliant Logistics International is delighted to utilize Heli Forklifts as a pivotal component of their operations due to the exceptional reliability and efficiency offered by these forklifts. Heli Forklifts have consistently demonstrated a robust performance in material handling, ensuring seamless and timely logistics operations for Brilliant Logistics. The advanced engineering and cutting-edge technology integrated into Heli Forklifts contribute to heightened productivity and precision, aligning perfectly with Brilliant Logistics International’s commitment to delivering top-notch services. The ergonomic design of the forklifts enhances operator comfort and safety, fostering a positive working environment. With Heli Forklifts, Brilliant Logistics International not only ensures the smooth flow of their supply chain but also underscores their dedication to quality and innovation in the logistics industry.

Future Recycling expresses satisfaction with Jialift’s ability to source custom forklift attachment solutions, attributing their happiness to the tailored approach that Jialift employs to elevate their business. Jialift’s commitment to providing specialized forklift attachments aligns seamlessly with Future Recycling’s unique needs in the recycling industry. The versatility and adaptability of these customized solutions have proven instrumental in optimizing material handling processes, enhancing efficiency, and ultimately lifting the overall productivity of Future Recycling. The collaborative effort between Future Recycling and Jialift reflects a strategic partnership that recognizes the importance of innovation and personalized solutions in meeting the specific challenges of the recycling business.

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MIMA Articulated MJ20 Narrow Aisle Forklift Truck

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