The steering oil tube and wire harness are

arranged independently

Product Feature

  • ● Comfortable

    Magnetic brake on driving axle ,the truck can automatic parking in slope or flat.
    Rear handle with horn function contributes to stable sitting pose when travelling backward and driving comfort and safety.
    Automobile type direction switch effectively improve driving comfort level.
    Sensor operated power steering(option),more comfortable.
    Side battery as option, easy replacement.
    Finger switch as option, more speedy operation.

    ● Improved driver’s view

    Newly designed wide-view mast with special chains enlarges operator’s view effectively.
    Larger arc shape of the overhead guard and grid tray with proper angle increase operator’s upward view.

    ● Safety

    Better loading capacity at high position.
    Automatic deceleration on curved road, more intelligent and safe.
    Standard configuration of warning light and drive OPS system improve whole truck’s safely.

    ● Working efficiency

    Small turning radius makes steering flexible and easy.
    The truck has fast driving and lifting speed, higher working efficiency.
    Three speed mode, high performance.
    Larger battery capacity for longer single shift time.

    ● Energy efficiency

    With optimized hydraulic system, the truck is more energy-efficient and has lower energy consumption.
    Save more than 80% lighting energy with LED lights.
    Motor regenerative braking can recycle more electric energy.

    ● Maintainability

    The cover can be disassembled easily, contributes to quick and convenient maintenance.

The main parameter

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