The steering oil tube and wire harness are

arranged independently

Product Feature

Anti-misoperation electronic parking brake improves safety and operation convenience;

Equipped with a double guide wheel torque converter gearbox, which can realize stepless speed change;

Adopt a rear-mounted suction cooling system and an all-aluminum plate-fin radiator to improve heat dissipation performance and ensure that the engine and gearbox and other parts work in the best temperature range;

Use maintenance-free wet brake bridge to improve braking reliability;

Full set of LED lamps;

4.3-inch LCD color screen smart instrument, comprehensive monitoring of truck status;

Intelligent vehicle networking and fleet management systems can monitor the daily use of forklifts, perform big data analysis, and provide reports and other documents;

The use of tailstock-less counterweights reduces the center of gravity of the truck and improves stability;

The optimized hydraulic system reduces pressure loss, highlights energy saving and high efficiency, and effectively reduces the fuel consumption of the truck;

The main parameter


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