The steering oil tube and wire harness are

arranged independently

Product Feature

  • Technical features remarkably improved, superior quality

    路Cushion connection and wholly suspension cab can absorb the vibrations of truck effectively.

    路Noise around ear is reduced through moving downwards the tilting cylinder under the floor board and using fully closed patch type cab.
    路Lowering damping device inside the lifting system reduces mast鈥檚 shock and vibration, avoiding crash noise caused by goods falling to the ground.

    路Space around foot is effectively increased through moving up steering unit and the using of suspension brake system.
    路The operation space is enlarged by heightened overhead guard and using large arc shape of the overhead guard鈥檚 front leg
    路Semi-suspension seat, small steering wheel, electro-hydraulic direction changing and automobile type double combined switch effectively improve driving comfort level.

    Working efficiency
    路Small turning radius makes steering flexible and easy.
    路The truck has fast lifting speed, good sloping ability and high efficiency.
    路High working efficiency guarantees the truck could meet the requirements for various kinds of complicated work condition perfectly wherever at port, dock and railway station.

    Energy efficiency
    路With optimized hydraulic system, the truck is more energy-efficient and has lower fuel consumption.

    Environmental protection
    路The engine satisfies the CARB 4 regulation
    路The truck can effectively prevent the volatilization of the fuel with the pressure fuel cap.

    路The hot air isolating device, optimized thermal duct and the aluminum plate-fin type radiator improve cooling ability and ensure engine working reliability.
    路The optimized design of key parts including frame, mast, overhead guard and steering axle improve the truck鈥檚 safety and reliability.

    路Engine hood open angle increased to 80掳, contributes to quick and convenient maintenance.
    路Smaller Front floor board makes it more convenient to maintain the transmission box.

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