Model: HIW4.0

Maximum Capacity: 2000kg

Minimum Table Height: 220mm

Maximum Table Height: 1010mm

Table Dimensions: 1300mm x 800mm

$2,799.00 Inc GST

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Jialift 2000kg Electric Scissor Lift Table

Are you looking for a reliable electric scissor lift table to make heavy loads easier in your warehouse? Or are you simply looking for a simple solution for moving heavy loads?

Jialift Australia proudly offers customers an extensive range of hydraulic scissor lifts and material handling equipment at affordable prices across Melbourne.

The Jialift 2000kg Scissor Lift Tables are the perfect solution for your material handling needs. With a lifting capacity of 2000kg and a lifting height of up to 1040mm (depending on the total load), these scissor tables are tough and built to handle even the heaviest loads. With a sturdy steel construction and a powder-coated finish, these tables will last and are easy to operate. This model can be used in both commercial and non-commercial settings.


Electric Scissor Lift Table
Scissor Lift Table

Design Features

The Jialift 2000kg Scissor Lift Table is a versatile and durable platform that can be used in a range of working environments. The design features include:

  • The hydraulic scissor lift can reduce the strain on workers with a safe and easy lifting solution, increasing your overall business’s productivity.
  • Your workers can lift and lower loads to reach the correct ergonomically working height, with easy push buttons.
  • Made from high-quality sturdy steel and is designed to be durable, reliable, and easy to use, with hard chrome plated piston rods.
  • Unlike scaffolding and ladders, the hydraulic scissor lifts don’t require time to be set up.
  • Powered by an electric motor mounted under the table, they are controlled by a pendant hand controller on a curly control cable, which is 3m long. Operators can lift and lower the table without having to touch it.
  • The platform has a safety bar around the perimeter of the table to sense if any foreign objects or safety hazards are in the way. If there are foreign objects or safety hazards, it will cause the scissor table to cease automatically.
  • The table also features an emergency switch-off and a high-pressure cylinder with dual safety functions.
  • The compact hydraulic design allows for balanced lifting and lowering of loads with all safety components complying with EN1570.

Scissor Lift Table Specifications

The Jialift 2000kg Scissor Lift Table has a maximum load capacity of 2000KG and a minimum to maximum table height of 190-1040mm (depending on the total weight of the load) and overall table dimensions of 1300x800mm.

With a safety trip bar hinged under the outer edge of the scissor lift platform, it stops the lowering of the table if any foreign object or person is in the way of the table when it’s in use.

Pit Mounted Scissor Lift Tables

The Jialift 2000kg Scissor Lift Tables are normally operated from the factory floor but can be installed or mounted in a pit. When a lift table is installed or mounted in a pit, the top plate must be flush with the surrounding floor using eye bolt lifting lugs.

Pit-mounted scissor lift platforms are easy to load and unload with a manual pallet jack. They are also a space-saving solution, as they can be lowered out of the way when you require more space in your business or warehouse.

What Industries Use A Scissor Lift Table?

Typically hydraulic tables are used in warehouse environments, but they are also used in other industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing plants both indoors and outdoors.

These tables are commonly used in these industries because they can easily lift and move around heavy loads. Scissor tables are also used in the hospitality, pharmaceutical, and logistical industries to improve efficiency and productivity. Another benefit of a lift table is that it can also be used as a workbench, from both a factory floor or pit mounted setup.

Jialift Scissor Lift Table Warranty

The Jialift 2000Kg Scissor Lift Table also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving purchasers peace of mind. The factory direct guarantee means that you can purchase this model at the lowest price on the market.

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