Articulated Forklift MJ20


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Brand: MIMA

Model: MJ20

Max Capacity: 2000kg

Max Lifting height: 10000 mm

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  • Model: MJ20
  • Max Load Capacity: 2000 kg
  • Max Lift Height:  10000 mm
  • Load Centre: 600 mm

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty. Refer to JIALIFT warranty and conditions
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  • Adopting new concept and novel streamlined design, the visual effect is greatly improved. This articulated forklift is a reliable choice with compact and simple appearance.
  • Adopting wide view mast design with wireless camera and video display.


  • International advanced MOSFET AC controller system enables the forklift to be controlled by computer program for walking, steering, lifting, and tilting.
  • Large-angle fully opened cover and removable rear door panel are convenient for battery replacement and maintenance.


  • AC motor has no maintenance cost such as replacing carbon brush. Reliability and long service life can be guaranteed with high-efficiency AC power system, complete protection functions, speed sensor and temperature sensor.
  • Safety is greatly improved by OPS function as standard configuration.
  • Equipped with high-brightness laser light, the operator can have a reliable reference when stacking in very narrow aisle.


  • Compared with counterbalanced forklift, pallet positions have increased by 200%. Reach height has increased by 100% (10M), and aisle width has decreased by 45% (1.9M).
  • Narrow aisle and high storage capacity
  • Indoors and outdoors using
  • High speed driving and high efficient work
  • Flexible steering

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