CM520 Portable Lifter 140KG Lift Up to 4.9m / Telescopic Lifter


Model: CM520

Max Capacity: 140kg (up to 3 metres), 130kg (up to 4 metres), 90kg (up to 4.9 metres)

Lift Height: 4900mm

Weight: 38kg

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Electric Lifter | CM Electric Lifter

  • Model: CM520
  • Max Capacity: 140 kg/3 m, 130 kg/ 4 m, 90 kg/ 4.9 m
  • Lift Height: 4.9 m

Warranty: 1 Year refer to JIALIFT warranty terms and conditions
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For more parameter details, please Click upon [Download pdf]


  • Telescoping legs- For uneven surfaces, stairways, slopes, etc.
  • Level in Mast – Ensure mast is vertical before an operation.
  • Telescoping Mast – Compact, Strong and Light – made with robust, specially heat-treated aluminium.
  • Electric Motor – Variable speed controller with long cable and belt clip.
  • Manual Controls – If no mains power is available, use an electric drill or handle to wind lifter.
  • Emergency Stop Button – Also used to switch to manual control.
  • Setup in 30 seconds – No tools required.
  • Overload Cut-Out- Fitted with overload clutch for safety.
  • Wheels for Mobility – Included with CM520 – optional accessory with CM340.
  • Retractable Leg-Lift loads adjacent to the wall.
  • Fine Positioning – Align load precisely with variable speed controller

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