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Legless Walkie Forklift


Model: E0730JZ

Max Capacity: 700kg

Load Centre: 600mm

Max Lifting height: 3000 mm

Max Capacity on Top Height: 400 kg

Brand New, including battery and charger.  

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$7,499.00 Inc GST

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Counterbalance Walkie Forklift | Jialift

Jialift Legless Walkie Forklift has an ultra-small body with a small turning radius, which is suitable for all kinds of small space operations. The forklift comes with two driving speeds: fast and slow speed. The colour of the photo may vary from the actual product

The E0730JZ is a pedestrian controlled walkie stacker which has no straddle legs. With an overall width of 808mm and a high degree of manoeuvrability, this allows operators to work in narrow spaces and can be used wherever support arm stacker cannot operate.

The E0730JZ can be used to lift a pallet, a stillage, a bench or practically anything you can think of as there are no “legs” to get in the way.


  • High ground clearance and large load wheels for comfortable travel on uneven ground.
  • No license required to operate
  • Single phase in-built intelligent charger ensures comfortable and reliable charging at any standard single phase wall socket.
  • Slow and fast drive speed switch, Belly button reversing switch
  • Ergonomically designed butterfly-type speed control allow users to operate the E0730JZ using the forward and reverse butterfly control for precise manoeuvring and easy access of the lift/ lower functions for both left and right-handed operators.
  • 5-years warranty


Counterbalance Forklift
Counterbalance Forklift
Counterbalance Forklift

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