Three Wheel Forklift | Lithium Battery

Model: CPD20SQ-GE2LI

Max Load Capacity: 2000 kg

Lift height: 3-stage 4.8m

Lithium Battery: 80V/202Ah

Side shifter, OPS, 4th valve & hose group, solid tire, 80V/200Ah charger

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  • Front wheel dual drive motors provide more power.
  • Be equipped with full hydraulic priority steering system, supply oil on demand, reduce vehicle energy consumption.
  • High precision angle potentiometer makes steering more sensitive and accurate.
  • LED light of the whole truck has high brightness, long life and is more energy saving.
  • Low rolling resistance electric truck special solid tire reduces driving resistance consumption.
  • Narrow truck width is more suitable for narrow aisle application.
  • Large angle steering axle makes the turning radius smaller satisfying the loading and unloading operation in narrow aisle.


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  • Magnetic brake on driving axle, the truck can automatic parking in slope or flat
  • Rear handle with horn function contributes to stable sitting pose when traveling backward and driving comfort and safety
  • Automobile type direction switch effectively improve the driving comfort level 
  • Sensor operated power steering (option), more comfortable
  • Side battery as an option, easy replacement
  • Finger switch as an option, more speedy operation
  • Newly designed wide-view mast with special chains enlarges the operator’s view effectively
  • Large arc shape of the overhead guard and grid tray with proper angle increase operator’s upward view
  • Better loading capacity at high position
  • Automatic deceleration on curved road, more intelligent and safe
  • Standard configuration of warning light and drive OPS system improve whole truck’s safety

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