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Brand: Heli

Model: CQD16-GB2SLI

Load Capacity: 1600 kg

Lifting height of standard mast: 8000mm

Load Center Distance: 600 mm

Brand New, including battery and charger


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1.6T Lithium Reach Truck

Jialift Australia proudly offers customers the Heli 1.6T sit-down type lithium reach truck CQD16-GB2SLI at the most affordable prices across Melbourne.

The Heli 1.6T lithium reach truck CQD16-GB2SLI is perfect for any business or warehouse that has tight access or narrow aisles!

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New Design Features

Intelligent security protection
• Intelligent stabilization system and speed limit in different application: it can automatically adjust the mast and the truck speed according to the lifting height and load state . Improve the high bearing capacity and vehicle stacking safety;
• Intelligent operation protection: a full set of OPS system can avoid mis-operation and ensure safety;
• Intelligent control strategy: dual core controller is in line with the latest EU safety requirements;
• Intelligent steering deceleration: the automatic deceleration function of the turning can reduce the risk of turning over;

New designed hydraulic system
• New designed hydraulic system with high working efficiency
• High power lifting motor
• MOSFET lifting speed governing electric controller
• New type low noisy gear pump

High performance guarantee high efficiency

Advanced EPS electric powered steering

Easy operated thumb switch

Lithium-Ion Battery Powered

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the electric 1.6T lithium reach truck has a longer charge life than lead-acid batteries. With traditional lead-acid batteries often operators would have to stop and replace the battery entirely with a fully charged one, whereas lithium-ion technology can be opportunity charged to generate enough battery power for the 1.8T lithium reach truck to finish the rest of a shift.

Li-ion batteries have longer battery life and charge cycle, lasting between two to four times longer than a lead-acid reach truck battery. They are also extremely cost-saving as they don’t need to be maintained or watered the same way.

With 2 hours of fast charging, the reach truck can meet the 6-8 hour working demands of a full shift.

Zero Emissions – Greener Reach Truck Option

Lithium-ion battery-powered reach trucks are considered a ‘greener’ option; as they don’t contain lead, or acid, free of heavy metals, and produce zero emissions. Lithium-ion technology is also more efficient meaning you will be using a considerable amount of less energy, therefore reducing CO2 emissions in your business. As these reach truck batteries last longer you will be using fewer batteries than that of a traditional reach truck.

What Is The Difference Between A Traditional Forklift And A Reach Truck?

A reach truck is smaller than a forklift, allowing it to fit into smaller spaces and narrow aisles. With a smaller chassis, they are specifically designed to lift and move loads from heights that traditional forklifts are unable to access.

One of the other major differences is the way in which a reach support leg truck and counterbalance forklift stabilise their loads. Traditional counterbalance forklifts carry a larger counterweight in the rear of the forklift, with the weight of the load being carried out on the tynes reducing the risk of the forklift being tipped over when in use.

Reach trucks however do not have an external counterbalance weight but rely on stabilising legs extended out to the side of the tynes and the weight of the reach truck’s battery to keep the truck stable and reduce the risk of tipping over when in use.

One of the other major differences is the weight capacity of reach trucks and forklifts. With larger counterweights, forklifts are able to carry heavier loads than reach trucks, whereas reach trucks can lift loads up to heights that forklifts are unable to reach.

1.6T Lithium Reach Truck Warranty

The HELI 1.6T Lithium Reach Truck also comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving purchasers peace of mind.

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