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Model: SL30R

Max Capacity: 3000 KG

Fork Width: 685 mm

Fork Length:1220 mm

Brand New, including battery and charger.  


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This electric pallet jack has 3000 kg capacity, good for use on a large truck to move items or pallets. It’s power moving and lifting.

  • Model: SL30R
  • Max Capacity: 3000 KG
  • Fork Width: 685 mm
  • Fork Length:1220 mm

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  • The whole vehicle design is beautiful and stable. The side stand type operation has safety handrail, and the wide pedal makes the operator more comfortable:
  • Adopt advanced vertical AC drive system, electric function to get more energy and greater braking torque, more powerful and efficient power, better acceleration performance, with high efficiency, small size, small mass. maintenance-free. easy cooling and long life, etc.,
  • CUATIS AC controller. high power MOSFETS drive, high frequency, high efficiency, quiet. with step less speed regulation and reverse braking function.
  • Perfect temperature protection and compensation function to achieve thermal protection and stable output;
  • Standard lifting limit function, when the fork rises to the top, the system will automatically cut off the uplink power. smooth stop, but also reduce energy waste, prolong the life of hydraulic system and related components;
  • Standard emergency stop switch, when the vehicle is in a dangerous state, press the emergency stop switch can cut off the power supply, the vehicle stops running, to protect the safety of the operator and equipment;
  • Replace the battery on the side, which is quick and convenient.

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