Semi Electric Stackers

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Jialift Australia proudly offers customers an extensive range of semi-electric walkie stackers with standard legs and material handling equipment at affordable prices across Melbourne.

Semi-electric walkie stackers are an option for businesses looking to switch to a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient option.
Jialift Australia has superior production equipment and first-class testing machines, ensuring our range of material handling equipment quality and safety. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Jialift has developed an innovative range of innovative warehouse equipment solutions throughout Australia

We promise to provide high-quality Australian standard-certified products at a lower cost to meet your specific needs. If you are seeking to transition from manual tools to auto electric, Jialift Australia should be your first point of call.

What Are Semi-Electric Walkie Stackers?

A semi-electric walkie stacker is a type of forklift truck that is operated by a standing operator. The operator controls the machine by using a set of handles located on the mast or upright portion of the stacker. Semi-electric walkie stackers typically have a much smaller footprint than other types of forklifts, making them ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Semi-electric stackers are used commonly in the retail and warehousing industries. In retail environments they are often used to move inventory around the sales floor or to load trucks for shipment. In warehouses, semi-electric walkie stackers are used to move pallets of goods from one location to another, rather than pallet jacks. Manufacturing and distribution environemnts also use semi-electric stackers.

Jialift Semi-Electric Walkie Stacker With Standard Legs

Semi-electric walkie stackers with standard legs have legs that sit underneath the forks to evenly distribute the weight of the load. However, if the pallet is fully loaded, we recommend you only lift one pallet at once. If the pallets are unloaded – you will be able to lift 2-3 empty pallets (depending on their weight). They also have the smallest turning circle of all the different walkie stackers. Although one important point to remember is that because the legs sit underneath, you can only lift and move bottomless pallets.

What Industries Use Electric Walkie Stackers?

You might be surprised to learn that walkie stackers are used in a range of industries, not just warehouses. Many types of businesses and industries can use a semi-electric walkie stacker. They are most commonly used in warehouses, but are also used in manufacturing plants and construction sites. They are ideal for transporting heavy loads over short distances and can be used to stack pallets or other materials.

Some of the most common industries that use semi-electric walkie stackers are:

  • Manufacturing – Semi-electric walkie stackers are commonly used in manufacturing facilities to move materials around. They can help with tasks such as; loading and unloading trucks, moving materials to and from storage areas, and assembly line operations.
  • Construction – For lifting beams or heavy materials to certain heights.
  • Retail – Semi-electric walkie stackers are in many retail settings, including big chain stores, supermarkets, and even smaller shops. They’re often used for tasks such as; stocking shelves and moving products from storage to the sales floor.
  • Healthcare – Semi-electric stackers are essential in many healthcare settings, from hospitals to nursing homes. Used for tasks like transporting medical supplies and equipment and moving patients between rooms or floors.
  • Hospitality – You may find semi-electric walkie stackers in many hotels and restaurants for tasks like moving luggage and supplies.

Benefits Of Semi-Electric Walkie Stackers:

There are many types of stackers on the market nowaday, but the semi-electric stacker is becoming increasingly popular. Semi-electric stackers offer many advantages over their traditional manual stackers. Some of these benefits for your business include:

  1. Increased productivity – Semi-electric stackers can boost productivity in your warehouse or factory as operators can move and stack heavy loads easily.
  2. Reduced operator fatigue – Unlike manual stackers, semi-electric stackers take the strain out of lifting and moving heavy loads, which reduces operator fatigue and increases safety levels.
  3. Greater flexibility – Semi-electric stackers are more versatile than traditional forklifts because of their many different working environments.
  4. Cost-effective – Semi-electric stackers are usually more affordable than fully electric models, making them a cost-effective option for businesses on a budget.

Contact Jialift to Purchase a Semi-Electric Walkie Stacker Today

To learn more about our range of semi-electric walkie stackers contact Jialift today. Our team will be to find the best price semi-electric stacker for you and your needs.