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Heli Australia’s mission is ‘HELI lifting the future’, creating more efficient and environmentally friendly transport and materials handling equipment. Heli was the first Chinese forklift company to be listed on the stock exchange and are always going through development. They strive to create a world-class forklift brand people can trust and to become one of the top five forklift brands in the industry.

Jialift Australia proudly offers customers an extensive range of Heli forklift trucks and material handling equipment at the most affordable prices across Melbourne.

Electric Heli Forklifts

With lower running costs, higher productivity, and emission-free operation it is no wonder electric forklifts are an attractive alternative for businesses.

With a comprehensive range of Heli electric forklifts available from lead-acid and lithium-ion models, there is one to suit everyone’s needs. With lower running fees, this could save you thousands of dollars each year!

Electric forklifts also have lower operating noises, as they only produce a fraction of the noise of traditional forklifts. This means the quieter output, will mean workers will be able to hear what is around them at all times. Many electric forklifts are also a smaller design so have a smaller turning circle, which means navigating in tighter spaces or businesses is easier.

New Technology Lithium-Ion Forklifts

Electric forklifts with lithium-ion batteries are becoming more and more popular for businesses over traditional forklifts with lead-acid batteries due to the overall environmental and safety features; and longer overall operational life.

Lead Acid Forklifts

Traditional lead-acid forklifts are cheaper to purchase in comparison to a lithium-ion forklift. With minimal emissions during the forklift run time, they are the lowest cost addition to any fleet with a minimal upfront investment cost.

It is worth mentioning that lead-acid is an older technology, with a larger battery. Therefore more maintenance/servicing is required to keep a lead-acid forklift in optimal condition.

Lead acid


HELI – IC Forklift

LPG Diesel IC Forklifts By Heli

LPG & diesel-powered forklifts are known to handle heavier loads and are most suited to outdoor, rough terrain, and larger materials handling. One of the major benefits of a diesel or gas engine is that they can generate more power, being a popular choice for businesses that need to move larger loads. Diesel forklifts are great for outdoor use in wet weather conditions or uneven terrain.

IC forklift

HELI – Warehouse Equipment

Warehouse Equipments By Heli

Jialift offers a comprehensive range of Heli warehouse lifting equipment for both indoor and outdoor use. The wide range includes manual lifters, manual stackers, and reach trucks both with lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries so that you can choose which is better for your business.

Warehouse Equipments

HELI – Special Equipment

Special Equipments | HELI

The Heli special lift equipment range includes the AC & H series explosion-proof battery forklifts. With over 30 years of explosion-proof product research and development, the forklifts meet both European and China’s explosion-proof standards.

Special Equipments

HELI – Attachment

Lift Attachments by Heli

Jialift offers a wide range of forklift attachments including carton clamps, push-pull clamps and paper roll clamps. These attachments are designed to safely customise your forklift to better meet the needs of your industry.



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