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Nylon Wheels | Jialift Australia

Pallet Jack/Truck/Stacker Nylon Wheels

1 Pair Wheels including Bearings
These rollers give you less effort when push and pull.
Nylon is a harder compound.
Used on concrete floors or hard surface areas


$50.00$70.00 Inc GST

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Nylon Wheels | Jialift Australia Lifting Equipment Company

Table of Parameters:
Model Wheel Diameter Wheel Length Bearing Inner Diameter
NL70x80 70 mm 80 mm 20 mm
NL80x93 80 mm 93 mm 20 mm
NL74x70 74 mm 70 mm 20 mm
NL80x60 80 mm 60 mm 20 mm
NL80x70 80 mm 70 mm 20 mm
NL180x50 180 mm 50 mm 20 mm



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