SKU AC685Q-2.5T


Model: AC685Q-2.5T

Maximum Capacity: 2500KG

External Fork Width: 685mm

Internal Fork Width: 365mm

Fork Length: 1140mm

Maximum Fork Height: 190mm

Minimum Fork Height: 90mm

Wheel Type: Nylon

$452.00 Inc GST

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Jialift Quick Lift Manual Pallet Jack AC685Q-2.5T

A standard pallet jack is an essential piece of equipment for any business dealing with shipping or receiving pallet products. A quick lift version is even better!

Pallet jacks are an incredibly useful tool for businesses in various industries. They allow operators to quickly and easily move heavy loads from one location to another, therefore improving productivity and efficiency.

The Jialift Quick Lift Pallet Jack AC685Q-2.5T, is a high-quality pallet jack and a popular piece of materials handling equipment.

What Is A Quick Lift Pallet Jack?

A Quick Lift Pallet Jack is a device used to move heavy loads of pallets from one place to another. It consists of a fork assembly that is attached to a hydraulic pump, which is, in turn, connected to a handle. The operator uses the handle to raise and lower the forks and to move the truck forward and backward.

There are two types of Pallet Jacks: manual and powered. Manual pallet jacks are operated using the handle, while powered pallet jacks have an electric motor that drives the hydraulic pump.


Quick Lift Pallet Jack AC685Q-2.5T Specifications

The Quick Lift Pallet Jack AC685Q-2.5T makes lifting and carrying items from one place to another easier, making day-to-day tasks in your workplace seamless. This model of pallet jack has a 2,500kg load capacity, with a 685mm fork width and 1140mm fork length.

Which Businesses Use Pallet Jacks?

Retail Industry

Retail is one of the main industries that use pallet jacks daily. Retailers use them for all sorts of tasks, from loading and unloading goods to moving large items around warehouses or stores. The convenience of quickly moving large amounts of product from one area to another makes these trucks indispensable for retailers.

Manufacturing Industry

Another industry that relies heavily on pallet jacks is the manufacturing industry. These machines are used in production facilities to move parts and materials between areas easily. This allows manufacturers to quickly transfer items between departments without having to lift them, which can be time-consuming and potentially hazardous manually.

Food Service Industry

The food service industry also uses pallet jacks to move ingredients, supplies, and finished products from one area to another within their facility. For example, these machines may be used to move ingredients from storage areas into kitchens or finished products from kitchens into cold storage rooms. This helps streamline processes within a food service business and ensures that products are safely stored.

Warehouses & Distribution Centres

Warehouses and distribution centres use pallet jacks to quickly move large amounts of goods. Pallet jacks make it easy to transport large items from one area to another without manually lifting them—a task that can be difficult and even dangerous when dealing with heavy objects. These businesses rely on quick delivery times and efficient storage solutions, so having access to powerful machinery such as pallet jacks is essential for their success.

Benefits Of Using Pallet Jacks:

There are many benefits of using a pallet jack, which include:

  1. Versatile for many different settings
  2. Relatively inexpensive
  3. Easy to operate and require little training to use
  4. Durable and can withstand heavy use
  5. Don’t require frequent maintenance or repairs
  6. Easily customised to suit the specific needs of your business or operation

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